My name is Aaron, and I teach Spanish in a public middle school. The crux of my successes and failures as a teacher is my ability to engage and motivate my students. And let’s be honest: It’s a tall order. Reflecting on my experiences as a student in a foreign language classroom, my motivation was more about earning passing scores than developing fluency.  But immersed in a Spanish speaking country where the language was the key to unlocking new experiences, my desire to learn was all-consuming.  I’ve seen flickers of that desire in my classroom when the content was high-interest and activities had the right design.   Though-out my 15 years of teaching Spanish, I have had this nagging question: What if I could distill all those experiences into a high interest interactive narrative where foreign language was the key to unlocking a mystery?  What if I could create a story though images and parcel out Spanish in such a way that would create a world that sucked you in and you just figured out the language out as you go, much like the way you learned your first language?

Enter José Karate.  Napolean Dynamite meets the X Files, in the small mountain town of Valle Escondido, Orejón.  Let the adventure begin.